Affective Consciousness towards to Quantum Consciousness: Neuromodulating Cognitive Architecture

Sketch of Human Brain

By Dr. Radhakrishnan Delhibabu, Member Trustee, I-ternity Foundation, India and Artificial Consciousness Lab, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia Cognitive Modeling Lab, IT University Innopolis, Kazan, Russia &

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Abstract: This project introduces a new model of artificial cognitive architecture for artificial intelligent systems, the Neuromodulating Cognitive Architecture (NEUCOGAR) towards to Quantum consciousness. Quantum physics is related to consciousness. It is biomimetically inspired and adapts the neuromodulators role of human brains into computational environments. The brain is a physical organism that transmits electrochemical signals. These are explained by biochemistry and, ultimately, are related to the fundamental electromagnetic behaviors of molecules and atoms, which are dictated by the laws of quantum physics. In the same way that every physical system is governed by quantum physical laws, the brain is certainly governed by them as well and consciousness - which is clearly in some way related to the functioning of the brain - must therefore be related to the quantum physical processes [11,22] going on within the brain. Thanks to it we pretend to achieve more efficient AI based on the biological inspiration of the deep functioning of human brain, which is highly emotional. The analysis of new data obtained from neurology, psychology and even philosophical or anthropological contributions of the study of the role of emotions into cognitive processes allow us to generate a detailed mapping of monoamine neuromodulators and to apply it to computational system parameters. Thus we can make not only artificial cognitive systems that perform better more complex tasks (regarding information selection and discrimination, attention, innovation, creativity,) as well as to show better affordable emotional relationships with human users

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