To celebrate the World Yoga Day, I-ternity Foundation has released a new research book on modern science and spirituality titled, ‘The Great Ocean of Being’

21st June, 2020, Bangalore:

I-ternity Foundation, a not-for-profit trust based in India has released a research e-book titled “The Great Ocean of Being’’ to celebrate the theme of Cosmic Wellness on the eve of the World Yoga Day, a spokesperson from the organization said.  ‘’Our aim was to put together the concept of global wellbeing or Swastha from the perspective of pure consciousness at a  time when the world is grappling to cope with the pandemic and other issues of economic downturn, unemployment and climate change. The book which is an interface between modern science and spirituality, has few interesting one-on-one interviews that the Trust has conducted in an ongoing I-Talk Series with leading professors and scientists like Dr. Sisir Roy of IISC Bangalore and Dr. Menas Kafatos, Chapman University, USA on space, time, causality, the conscious observer and the non-local universe”, said Joy Roy Choudhury, Head of Communications & member, I-ternity Foundation. Primarily the book has research articles ranging from inquiry into the concept of quantum vacuum to the use of Zen in corporate management , leadership and quantum governance, insights from neuroscience, Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and Yogic Unification, impact of pranayama and heart synchronization etc. as contributed by renowned research scientists, professors and consciousness practitioners working with the organization.

I-ternity Foundation whose aim is to set up a learning platform for engaging scientists and spiritual researchers, has been in talks with some policy makers and decision makers in government, industry and academia to create dialogue based interactive exchanges that benefit knowledge assimilation, understanding and wellness. The book is a showcase of the areas where fundamental interventions are necessary to create a community based on increasing awareness and compassion.  ‘’The Great Ocean of Being is the Self – the Self of all sentient beings, galaxies, planets, quasars, electrons and quarks; this all-encompassing vastness is what we are experiencing right here, right now and everywhere, this Pure Consciousness is what we actually are, and, abiding in this Pure Consciousness is Swastha or well-being, the Light of Lights (Jyotiro Jyotih). This is the only teaching masterclass, the KEY to all solutions. Our aim is to acknowledge and celebrate that Fullness or Purnatwam and all this diversity within that’’ says, Prof. Joy Sen, Professor, IIT Kharagpur and member I-ternity Foundation. The e-book will be sent to all international bodies, varsities, and corporate organizations, it will be also available for free-download, and, to take the initiative further the organization is mulling an international web talks series under the title the Great Ocean of Being very soon. “We would like to invite leading people from Google, Microsoft, Cognizant, Reliance, Tata Consultancy, Wipro, IIMS, IITs, from DST, MHRD, Dept of Health to deliberate on sustainability and wellness from the modern scientific perspective and the spiritual standpoint ,to create a new learning experience based on meta-cognition and ontological insight. Every product or service that we use from its design architecture  to its function and usage pattern – all these parameters must naturally abide in the principles of the the Self or Pure Being/Consciousnes, and,  our aim is to re-cognize that”, says Radhakrishnan Delhibabu, an expert on Neuromodulating Cognitive Architecture at VIT, India and member I-ternity Foundation.

The E-Book is free to be downloaded from the Home Page of the Website 

About I-ternity Foundation:

I-ternity Foundation, Centre for Consciousness Studies, Research and Training is a Kolkata based Not-for-profit trust. Its aim is to promote interactive dialogues between modern science and ancient wisdom to cultivate more knowledge and understanding for a sustainable living. It proposes to create new learning/training paradigms with compliance to oneness and wellbeing. A collaborative model based on participation is what the foundation aims at in engaging the industry, government and learning institutes. The current Board of Trustees includes Prof. Dr. Sisir Roy, Senior Homi Bhabha Fellow and Visiting Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies IISC, Bangalore; Shri Niraj Kumar, Author of ‘Himalayan Bridge’, ‘’Arise Asia! Respond to White Peril’’, ‘’Asia in Post-Western Age’’; Dr. Khagendranath Jana, Former GM of Siemens and Author of ‘’The Quadruple of Creation”; Prof. Dr. Joy Sen, Dept. Of Architecture and Regional Planning, IIT Kgp, Prof. Dr. Sundeep Mishra, Professor of Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi;  Shri Amit Guha Niyogi, Financial Consultant and Researcher on Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri; Prof. Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya, Senior Professor and Founding Director of Nano-Scale Transport Physics Lab, University of Witwatersrand, Jo’burg, and Joy Roy Choudhury, UK Communications Consultant and Researcher on Consciousness, Author of The Zen Gate of Time.


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