Meditations on Savitri

DEFINITION OF SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA’S SAUNDARYA LAHIRI or ‘THE WAVES OF BEAUTY’ ‘’The spirit’s alchemist energy is hers; She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire. The luminous heart of the Unknown is she, A power of silence in the depths of God; She is the Force, the inevitable Word, The magnet of our difficult ascent…’’ -Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

Mandala of the Sun God

Mandala of the Sun God, Surya flanked by 8 planetary deities, Artist: Kitaharasa circa 1379; distemper on cloth, Nepal courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA copyright MET Museum of Art, NY @I-ternity

Understanding Space, Time and Causality


Varanasi at Dawn

Though the Universe shines, but, it is I that verily shine… Unborn and non-dual, I alone am… I neither come nor go And to ILLUMINE is my very nature @I-ternity

Vak Devi Saraswati

The theory of ''nada'' or ''causal sound'' is the foundation of the Vedic concept of music Vak Devi Saraswati, Bengal Patachitra (Folk Painting)@I-ternity

Himalayan Buddhist Communitiesni

Workshop on Himalayan Buddhist Communities in the 21st Century - history,culture and Languages in the southern slopes of Himalayas: Pithoragarh, Kinnaur,Lahoul Spiti,Ladakh,Zanskar,Sikkim,Monpa region,Eastern Bhutan. Sri Niraj Kumar (extreme right)@I-ternity

The Quadruple of Creation

'''The Quadruple of Creation'' is a book on Cosmology, Quantum Consciousness and Ancient Indian Wisdom by K Jana @I-ternity

National Seminar on Sri Ramanuja, RKM, G

National Seminar on Ramanuja at RKM Golpark

Chapter 24, The Book of Changes

Eternal Fractals, Patterns and Life Sciences, Tibet @I-ternity

Sri Aurobindo at Lakshmi's House, Tollyg

15th Aug 2019 Sri Aurobindo's Birth Anniversary Celebration @I-ternity

Cafe Session I-ternity Foundation

I-ternity Cafe Sessions L-R: Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya and Dr. Sisir Roy discusses Adwaita, Samkhya, and Quantum Consciousness

Ontology of Time from Dogen to Einstein

Ontology of Time from Dogen to Einstein, Dr. Sisir Roy, I-ternity Foundation at Jadavpur University, 2019

I-ternity Cafe Session

L-R: Joy Roy Choudhury and Dr. Sisir Roy, Jan 2019

At IIT Kgp Kolkata Extension Center

I-ternity Foundation Meeting 18th Jan 2019 @IIT Kgp Kolkata Extension Center from Left to Right Prof Joy Sen, Dept of Architecture, IIT Kgp, Joy Roy Choudhury, Member Trustee, I-ternity and Dr. Sisir Roy, Member Trustee, I-ternity and Prof at IISC, Bangalore

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